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VIVI Confinement Food Delivery is owned by Ginger & Wine Enterprise. We have 5 years of experience in preparing special confinement food for ladies.

Our special home-made delicacies are suitable for women who:
1. Just delivered, either by normal delivery or C-Section.
2. Recently aborted
3. Undergone surgery (hysterectomy, cystectomy, D&C)
4. During the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) periodCall us at 012-9880557




What is “Confinement”?


The confinement period lasts for 30 days after the birth of your child. It is an important time whereby the mother requires help to regain her physical and emotional strength. The common challenges a mother faces during this period include:


Choosing a confinement centre that is usually very expensive, without adequate privacy and having to be separated from loved ones.


Having to rely on their own mother or mother-in-law to help them.


Difficulty in sourcing for a confinement lady or puiyuet (Cantonese for ‘companion for a month’) and the strain of having to adjust to their whims and attitudes.




Why Eat Confinement Food?


The first 30-40 days after the delivery of a child, mothers need nutritious food to bounce back after pregnancy. This period of healing and revitalization stretches from when a mother starts to walk around to the recovery of the soreness of the genitalia and finally to remote puerperium where your body returns to its original condition. Intake of the right type of food is vital to the recovery process in which healthy and wholesome food is mandatory to help get rid of “wind” and at the same time boost immune system, promote blood circulation, strengthen joints and boost low milk supply.



Why choose VIVI?

At VIVI Confinement Food Delivery, we specially prepare food that meets your individual needs at a reasonable price.

Our food is a blend between traditionaland modern Chinese recipes. The menu is custom-made to suit your requirements.

Confinement meal packages can either be for 7, 14 or 28 days.

You can choose to have your food packed in stainless-steel or disposable containers without additional charges.

We deliver straight to your doorstep in warmer bags. Our runner to client ratio is 1:1 ensuring that you receive your food hot and fresh.

Our area of coverage includes the Klang Valley, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

We deliver EVERYDAY, rain or shine, including on WEEKENDS and PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.

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    VIVI Confinement Food Delivery is owned by Ginger & Wine Enterprise.